Herniated Disc

The spine is made of 33 vertebrae bones stacked atop of one another and between each vertebrae is a thin piece of cartilage or “intervertebral disc.” When a herniated disc occurs, the disc starts to lose its flexibility, making it more susceptible to injury, and can often lead to herniation or rupture of the disc. For physical therapy in Brooklyn to give you the treatment you need, Madison Physical Therapy can help you today!

Herniated disks are most commonly found in the neck and low back. Risks for developing herniated discs increase due to age, obesity, occupational hazards such as excessive bending or lifting, or people who are generally less active.

If you have a herniated disc, you may be experiencing mild to intense neck or back pain or no pain at all. Patients with a herniated disc experience feelings of a pinched nerve or pressure on the spinal nerve often leading to back pain, numbness, or leg weakness. Also, symptoms from a herniated disc may get worse due to certain activities. For example some pain may get worse with sitting and you may need to change positions frequently.

A herniated disc is a serious injury and with the help of your physical therapist you can make a full recovery. They can help provide immediate pain relief and give you tools to prevent future injuries.

  • The first set of tools the therapist may use is called passive treatments these are more relaxing methods like deep tissue massages, hot and cold therapies, and hydrotherapies. This will condition your body and help you to properly heal.
  • The second method is active treatments, these will help you to regain strength and prevent further pain and damage. Examples of these are core stability, flexibility exercises, muscle strengthening, and joint movement.

By going to a physical therapist and getting treatment you will relieve nerve pressure. You will also be strengthening yourself and gaining a healthier weight. Your physical therapist may also teach you improved mobility and pain treatment skills.

At Madison Physical Therapy, our physical therapy in Brooklyn can treat many injuries and conditions including herniated discs.