Nerve Impingement

When nerves are compressed they tend to give mixed signals to the brain causing spontaneous feelings of pain, numbness, and weakness. Nerve impingement occurs when joints between the spine’s vertebrae put pressure on nerves. While random pain and numbness seem common when someone experiences nerve impingement they have the potential to experience prolonged as well as sporadic feelings of pain and numbness. Cysts, tumors, and hematoma can also cause nerves to compress, but when none of these conditions are present the primary source of nerve impingement is misalignment of the spine.

Nerve impingement can be severe as well as mild with some cases even requiring surgery to correct the nerve. In addition to causing pain, a compressed nerve can affect coordination and sensory receptors. What is most startling about the condition is that it can potentially cause the death of nerves. Every single one of our senses is directly connected to our nerves sending information to our brain. A dead nerve receives no information and no longer responds to contact with the outside world.

Severe cases of nerve impingement are typically attributed to a tumor impeding the flow of blood to nerves. This typically causes a nerve to be put under pressure which can cause inflammation or swelling of the nerve. More times than not, releasing the pressure on a nerve will cause your body to stop sending pain signals or return to the feeling to a numb body part. Since spinal misalignment is the primary cause of nerve impingement a physical therapist can readily assist with correcting the spine’s position.

Madison Physical Therapy located in Sheepshead Bay and Bay Ridge in Brooklyn, New York has special procedures to release trapped nerves before they become damaged. In addition to treating nerve impingement, Madison Physical Therapy also offers a diverse array of therapeutic services, so if you are in the area and need a physical therapist be sure to check them out.