Sciatica refers to the tingling of pain that originates in the lower back and is felt down one or both legs along the Sciatica nerve. This is a highly common condition, affecting more than 3 million Americans each year. At Madison PT, our expert team of physical therapists treat this condition regularly; while this painful ailment may seem foreign and even scary to you, our staff knows how to keep you reassured through every step of your personalized assessment.        

The outline of pain management for Sciatica revolves around direct physical care and oral medication to the affected side of the body. Physical therapy and prescription medication are the common treatment methods that are advised, along with some self-care therapy tips that can be done at home. Although consultations are more advisable as your doctor can properly assess the severity of your particular pain.

Self-care references the use of ice-pack treatment and physical therapy routine to predominantly address the physical location of your pain and help with lubricative movement around the area. Our non-invasive pain management establishes an accessible routine that you can improve on and feel achieved results. Ice-pack treatment is a remedy that can be done by both the assurance of your physical therapist or within the convenience of your own home.

With more severe pain treatments comes intensified remedies including the use of Chiropractic treatment techniques, prolonged stretching, direct massage, and acupuncture. Of course, over-the-counter medication and scripts can be accessed with doctor referrals for prolonged pain management.

Madison Physical Therapy wants to do more than assess the existing pain; we want to strengthen your core muscular system so that you won’t have the need for this pain management in the future. Through direct educational resources and the guides of your therapist’s routines, you can understand how to build your resistance and take control of your body’s ability to block pain before it begins.