Arthritis and Spondylosis are age-related terms referring to the wear and tear of spinal disks. Of course this condition is inevitable to a body’s growth, it is important to note your present symptoms so you can know how to treat them for pain. This joint degeneration is targeted specifically at the spine and imposes reverberated pain and muscle spasms on the body. One symptom in particular, bone spurs, can be the cause behind a loss of motion, affecting your balance and weakness at the same time. Generally, your nerves become pinched in this instance, resulting in numbness or weakness in your limbs. This kind of pain warrants some type of relief, and there are treatment options available depending on your condition. First and foremost, proper care only comes from a proper medical diagnosis so that you can identify your level of pain. There are medical options available after this step, varying in format.

Self-care is an immediate and common tool used to address the significant areas of your existent pain. Cold and warm compressions can be used for stimulation and numbness, and ice packs are also great alternatives for direct target relief. Additionally, because this condition often results in loss of motion, it is important to keep your joints mobile and lubricated, protecting them from tightness.

Physical exercise is an imperative solution, and each individual routine can be catered to your body limitations, avoiding any additional pressure. Physical therapy is an even better tool for this purpose as the therapist is trained to design personalized routines and stretch work, giving the patient quicker access to their mobility range. More advanced treatment options involve prescription medication and specific surgical procedures. Although these methods are available, they are mainly reserved as a secondary source or for patients with an extensive amount of pain and loss of motion. Physical therapy provides a holistic approach for long-term health.

Madison PT therapists specialize in this type of pain relief, and cater to understanding patients’ needs. We can help you gain back your mobility so that you can live stress-free!