Physical Therapy for Stroke Patients in Brooklyn

The aftermath of a stroke can be one of the biggest challenge one might face. After a stroke, it is common to receive some degree of brain damage resulting from the brain’s blood circulation disruption. For many stroke victims, the relearning of basic skills such as bathing, dressing themselves, eating, and walking are necessary. If you live near Sheepshead Bay or Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, Madison Physical Therapy can help you regain your coordination and motioning through various exercises designed to help target the neural centers affected by your stroke. Depending on the nature of your stroke will determine your course post-stroke rehabilitation.

Conditions that follow a stroke depend on the side of the brain that is most affected by the stroke. If the stroke affects the right side of the brain, typically the patient may experience problems with perception and coordination which can lead to diminished vision and balance. People who have suffered injury to the right side of their brain may also experience motor issues causing complications in many daily task like putting on clothes or using a writing utensil. Right brain injuries may also cause paralysis or palsy on the right side of the person’s body.

Injuries on the left side of the brain affect a stroke victim’s cognizance and linguistic capabilities causing severe problems with speech and memory. Left brain injuries are immediately apparent in social situations and can interfere with how a person assesses situations causing them to react and think more slowly than they did before. Just as right brain injuries cause paralysis and palsy on the right side of the body, left brain injuries may cause these complications on the left side of the body.

-stroke rehabilitation is conducted by physical therapists at our Sheepshead Bay and Bay Ridge offices in order to assist stroke victims with regaining control of their lost facilities. Physical therapists can assist stroke victims with speech, motor functions, and even correct palsy. If you are looking for a physical therapy clinic with special provisions for stroke victims Madison Physical Therapy has rehabilitation programs reserved for people who have suffered through a stroke. Schedule an evaluation today!