Postural Related Conditions

There are several postural related conditions that can have a major effect on your body. These postural conditions not only alter the way you may stand, walk, or sit; but they put a lot of unnecessary tension on your body. This tension leads to pain, tightness, lack of mobility, and even increases overall stress. A few common postural related conditions are forward head posture, low shoulders, and kyphosis.

Forward head posture refers to when you notice one’s ears are well in front of the shoulders. Ideally, one’s ears should be in line with the shoulders. This condition forces the muscles in the back of the neck to greatly outwork the muscles in the front causing pain and tightness in the neck as well as headaches. About every inch the head protrudes forward adds roughly 10 pounds of force on the neck!

The next condition is low shoulder or shoulders. One’s shoulders should be slightly above their collarbone, but for those individuals they notice their shoulders are well below the collarbone. In this scenario, the shoulders are constantly pulling the neck downwards creating a great deal of tension in the neck. Another side effect here is a lack of mobility in the shoulders.

Lastly is kyphosis, or better known as a hunchback. This is when you notice the upper back is rounded rather than straight. The more the upper back arches, the less mobility the shoulders have. In addition, the curved upper back forces the head forward which causing the forward head posture spoken about earlier. This creates a tremendous amount of discomfort in the neck, shoulders and upper back.

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