Pre and Post Surgical Care

You just met with your doctor and surgery was the recommendation. Now what? While your surgeon will repair the damage, there are ways that you can contribute as well. How you take care of yourself before and after surgery is crucial to how successful the surgery will be. Prior to the operation, it is important to talk to your doctor to discuss the best course of action before surgery. The same thing should also be done after surgery.

One effective way to prepare for this event is going to physical therapy. Despite being associated as an activity to do after surgery, pre-rehab can maintain your range of motion in the affected area. This will make it easier for the body part to continue its function after surgery, as through various exercises, your physical therapist will be able to strengthen the supportive tissues allowing for the affected region to heal properly . Working with a physical therapist will also show you what to expect after surgery. Learning about what you will do before you do it can provide you with the ease of mind necessary before going through this type of procedure.

Despite fixing the issue, your body will need help with the healing process. You may encounter some stiffness or other uncomfortable sensations in the treated area. Physical therapy can help stretch and strengthen the body part you got surgery on as well as alleviate any pain you are feeling. You will also play a role in your own recovery by learning how the treatment is helping and steps you can take to avoid this injury from happening again.

If you think physical therapy can help you take care of yourself during this process, visit it us at Madison Physical Therapy. Our dedicated and motivated staff will work with you to restore the functions you may have lost. Specializing in pre and post surgical care, we understand the knowledge necessary in helping you recover and resume your daily lifestyle.