Frozen Shoulder and End Range Mobilization

>Madison Physical Therapy located in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn has worked with many patients to give them safe, and effective physical therapy. Specializing in pain, injury, and mobility rehabilitation, they are here to treat frozen shoulders with end range mobilization in a trustworthy and effective way.

Frozen shoulder refers to the stiffness, pain, and limited motion in your shoulder and can be very painful and uncomfortable. More common in women than men, it can be caused by lack of joint movement from an injury, overuse of the shoulder, or disease. Diseases such as diabetes and strokes are common diseases correlated with frozen shoulder.

At Madison Physical Therapy in Brooklyn we offer a welcoming setting to make all patients feel comfortable in addition to reducing pain. We offer end range mobilization to increase the mobilization in your shoulder as well as restore movement without surgery, and unnecessary medications.

Many shoulder injuries can result in frozen shoulder. Before opting for surgery, physical therapy has been proven effective in the treatment of frozen shoulder pain. Physical therapy works to help increase your range of motion and is the most common treatment for frozen shoulder.

As well as end range mobilization, stretching is another effective option in the treatment of frozen shoulder, but for a safe and efficient recovery, should be done with professionals to ensure the best results. Madison Physical Therapy offers an experienced physical therapy team to guide you through this rehabilitation.

At Madison Physical Therapy our testimonials prove why we are fit to treat you during this painful time. Our two Brooklyn locations in Bay Ridge and Sheepshead Bay conveniently serve the communities of Southern Brooklyn. If you are suffering with shoulder pain or think that you may have Frozen Shoulder, see how we can help you!