As we use back support in every aspect of our lives, any kind of back pain is both irritating and interfering. Aside from the direct physical agony, the limited motion and inability to perform has various effects on all our daily activities.

The need for this type of spine surgery usually stems from problems with the intervertebral discs. When one of the discs becomes herniated, the patient can experience serious back and spinal pain as a result. To treat this condition, a discectomy removes the herniated portion of the disc, and takes pressure off the surrounding nerves. Small portions of the vertebrae bone material may have to be removed as well for proper treatment. This type of procedure is somewhat invasive, and requires incisions into the skin.

Discectomies attack the source of your back pain, but your body needs exercises post-surgery so that you don’t “stiffen up”. These exercises are related to the strengthening and motion-based routines that are needed for a fast and proper recovery. Your body naturally craves sustainable support; Madison PT offers direct therapy programs that are used to maximize your muscle strength and help you maintain healthy stretch routines.

At Madison PT, we build personalized strength programs for each patient, targeting areas for muscle growth and support, including:

  • Appropriate stretching with strengthening exercises
  • Four-point stabilization exercises
  • Ice and Heat Applications
  • Applicable short-distance walking programs with gradual intensity

The most important thing you can do for your body following surgery is to start moving, but of course, not at the speed of a marathon. Madison PT shows you how to apply gentle exercise routines with consistency, and eventual intensity changes for building muscle support. Call us today to schedule an appointment and get a thorough medical consultation!