Gait and Balance Disorders

Preventing yourself from injury is an essential part of life. At Madison Physical Therapy, with two locations in Bay Ridge and Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn, our team specializes in pain, injury, and mobility rehabilitation. Of our many services, we treat gait and balance disorders and work with treatment gait disorders and prevent falls to keep you safe and painfree.

Gait disorders are changes in your normal walking patterns and reduce a level of function, which are commonly a result to falls in older adults. Gait disorders can be related to diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease and muscular dystrophy. It can also be related to abnormality throughout the body such as disorders in the inner ear and fractures. Some other causes of gait disorders can be limited range of motion, poor posture, diminished strength, and recent surgery or hospitalization.

Some of the common classifications of gait disorders include Antalgic, cerebellar ataxia, Parkinsonian, steppage, vestibular ataxia, and waddling.

  • In further detail, Antalgic is caused by bearing weight on a painful leg. Cerebellar ataxia will cause an individual at wide-based stance.
  • >Parkinsonian is related to Parkinson’s disease as mentioned earlier, short shuffled steps distinguish it.
  • >Steppage causes the leg to be lifted higher at the knee and hip. Vestibular ataxia is related to the inner ear and causes an individual to fall towards one side when walking.
  • >Waddling is when one to walk on their toes while swaying side to side like a duck-like walk.

Here at Madison Physical Therapy in Brooklyn we work on regaining a healthy gait by gait and balance training. It is our goal to help achieve each and every individual goal in a comfortable setting. We use the most effective treatment methods for your specific condition. We also work with you in preventing future falls that can lead to abnormal walking patterns, and help you to prevent the fear of falling, which is extremely important in the >treatment of gait disorder. Seeing a physical therapist is essential for your health when dealing with gait disorders. Madison Physical Therapy has the team and treatment to getting you back on track.