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Physical Therapy in Bay Ridge

At Madison Physical Therapy, we always take great pride in helping the residents of our Bay Ridge, Brooklyn community live pain-free and to their fullest. Our team of highly qualified physical therapists will ensure that you leave each session feeling stronger, looser, and more confident in your physicality than you ever have before. If you […]

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Sprains and Strains

We all know how inconvenient and painful a sprain or strain can be when trying to perform everyday activities. At Madison Physical Therapy in Bay Ridge, New York our physical therapist do their best to help you get better fast. The first thing to know is that sprains and strains are very different. A sprain […]

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Cartilage Tears

Tough, yet flexible, cartilage is the main type of connective tissue found in the human body. Despite its strengths, not having its own blood supply ultimately puts the cartilage at a disadvantage, making it difficult to restore its complex systems once disrupted. Thankfully, through a combination of physical therapy and preventative techniques, patients with cartilage […]

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