Cartilage Tears

Tough, yet flexible, cartilage is the main type of connective tissue found in the human body. Despite its strengths, not having its own blood supply ultimately puts the cartilage at a disadvantage, making it difficult to restore its complex systems once disrupted. Thankfully, through a combination of physical therapy and preventative techniques, patients with cartilage tears have been known to make a full recovery.

While cartilage is found in multiple body parts, the most common place where people tear it is in the knee. Serving as the knees natural cushioning, the cartilage tears when the knee twists or turns quickly, typically while a foot is planted on the ground. The act of tearing this connective tissue is more commonly referred to as a meniscal tear. If you think you sustained this injury, you should really see a physical therapist. These knowledgeable professionals will be able to diagnose the condition and help speed up the recovery process.

Despite being the most common form of treatment, not every patient with a cartilage tear will require surgery. One of the main goals that your physical therapist will help you achieve is to regain the strength you had lost. In order to do so, they will show you how to do exercises designed to improve your range of motion. In addition to exercises, your physical therapist will teach you a variety of ways to prevent this injury from reoccurring. These techniques can include learning how to do a certain activity differently or just staying active on a daily basis.

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