Geriatric Exercise Program

As you get older your body stops working the same way it used to. It gets harder to complete daily tasks and the muscles in your body begin to ache. This happens to everyone during the process of aging but if you want to stop this problem from getting worse visit a Bay Ridge Physical Therapist to help you take care of your problem.

At Madison Physical Therapy we take care of your needs and work with you to develop a geriatric exercise program to keep you and your body in shape. While making an exercise program it is important to incorporate strength, stretching, and balance in your work out.

Exercises you can try at home:

Strength Training:

  • Abdominal contractions
  • Wall pushups
  • Pelvic tilts
  • Shoulder blade squeeze
  • Toe taps
  • Heel raises
  • Knee lifts


  • Neck stretches: chin to chest, eyes to sky, side to side, ear to shoulder, etc.
  • Upper back: child pose, cat stretch, sitting toe touch, etc.
  • Legs: quad stretch, hamstring stretch, inner thigh stretch, etc.
  • Arms: tricep/bicep stretches, wrist stretch, etc.
  • Balance:

    • Shifting weight
    • Single leg balance

    These are just some of the many you can try at home. Here is the full list and descriptions on how to do each one. If you find it difficult to do these on your own visit a Bay Ridge Physical Therapist that can work with you to make each exercise more comfortable for you and your body. Working out alone is never easy which is why having someone there to help guide you is always helpful. Take a look at our team of Bay Ridge Physical Therapist that are more than capable of helping you with your geriatric exercise program.

    What are the benefits of exercise for older adults?

    Physical health benefits:

    • Helps you maintain or lose weight
    • Reduces the impact of illness and chronic diseases
    • Enhances mobility, flexibility, and balance

    Mental health benefits:

    • Improves sleep
    • Boosts mood and self-confidence
    • Helps the brain

    If you find yourself struggling with an exercise plan come down to Madison Physical Therapy and have one of our Bay Ridge Physical Therapist help you with your next workout!