Taking Care of Your Knees

Knee pain is very common as it affects men, women, and children alike. There are many different home remedies that can be performed to alleviate knee pain. If these remedies are not enough to deal with the pain a consultation with a physical therapist is recommended. At Madison Physical Therapy of Sheepshead Bay and Bay Ridge in New York, our goal is to get you better fast. If your knee pain is caused by an injury or disease, the physical therapists in Bay Ridge will help you make a goal and work with you to achieve them.

Among American adults about twenty-five percent suffer from knee pain and this number has increased in the past twenty years. The most common cause of knee pain is osteoarthritis which impacts most individuals over the age of fifty. But knee pain is not only limited to just osteoarthritis it can be brought upon by a sudden blow to the knee or even a quick motion that stretches the knee beyond the normal range of motion. This pain could be sudden or happen over time. Knee pain can occur in different parts of the knee and a physical therapist will be able to make a correct diagnosis to treat the pain.

Our physical therapists in Bay Ridge will interview you and gather information about your knee pain. To help with this a more focused examination may occur. This could include

  • Gait evaluation
  • Palpation
  • Range of motion
  • Strength assessments
  • Assessments of your balance
  • Girth or swelling measurements

After the focused examination, the physical therapist in Bay Ridge will start to work with you to correct the problem causing the pain. Exercises of various motions will be assigned to help strengthen and improve the mobility of the knee. The success of the exercises will depend on how active and engaged you are with the program. Your physical therapist will discuss with you how often you'll need to come for therapy in Bay Ridge and also at your home.

Each patient suffering from knee pain needs a unique plan created for them. At Madison Physical Therapy it is important to us that each patient gets the help they need to recover quickly. If you are suffering from knee pain and have any concerns about physical therapy as a treatment option please <schedule an appointment by giving us a call or request an appointment on our website.