Can Physical Therapy Help With Balance?

At Madison Physical Therapy in Sheepshead Bay and Bay Ridge, we use our expertise in physical therapy to benefit your life in more ways than one. One of these benefits might come to you as a surprise - increase in balance. Keep reading to learn more about how physical therapy could help with your balance.

Why is it Important?

Balance could be a serious issue when tripping and falling has the potential to lead to injury. Research has shown that falling is the leading cause of brain injury, fractures, and emergency department visits in older adults. Patients that seek help for their balance might also be experiencing symptoms such as dizziness and vertigo. These factors could make it unpleasant to live with imbalance and cause fear in day-to-day activities. Does this sound like you or someone you know? Physical therapy can help build comfort and confidence in your balance.

Why Physical Therapy?

The great thing about physical therapy is that your physical therapist will be able to conduct a full assessment and detect multiple areas that may need attention. There are many possible causes for imbalance such as medication, muscle weakness, diabetes, Parkinson’s, and other medical conditions. Through a thorough assessment, the physical therapists at Madison Physical Therapy in Sheepshead Bay and Bay Ridge can diagnose the cause of imbalance. From there, your physical therapist will work with you in improving your balance by strengthening muscles through stretches and therapeutic exercises that will target the areas you need the most help with. Once you can perfect your individualized exercises through our guidance, you can even start to practice them at home.

Want to learn more about what your journey towards better balance will be like? After addressing the areas that need treatment, we can determine your specialized treatment plan. Contact us today for a consultation!