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Snow Safety

With our New York winter upcoming, it is important to be extra cautious. This time of year, we find a lot more patients scheduling appointments at our Physical Therapy in Sheepshead Bay practice, many dealing with broken bones and sprained ankles due to the snow. Thankfully, there are simple ways to help avoid a bad […]

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Preventing Hip Fractures

Fractures of any kind are considered a serious medical issue that requires both immediate and long-term treatment. But fractures in the hip area are treated with the utmost caution since they almost always require surgery and months of physical therapy in order to recover from them. Unfortunately, they can also create long-term complications. Naturally, anyone […]

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Aging Gracefully

Aging is something that most of us fear. Whether it’s the loss of hair, the formation of wrinkles or that achey, prolonging back-pain, aging is something that eventually everyone must face. However, just because you grow old, doesn’t mean you can’t age gracefully. Anything from a healthy diet to daily exercise can assure that your […]

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