Joint Instability

Joint instability can be quite painful, when the tissues surrounding the joints weaken. It can happen in many areas of the body, and can stem from a variety of issues. If you are looking for a Brooklyn physical therapist to help you with any joint instability problems you might have, we at Madison Physical Therapy are here to help.

Some of the symptoms of joint instability include:

  • Pain, especially after injury
  • Repeated dislocation of the joint
  • Tenderness

Dislocating your joint repeatedly is one of the main symptoms of joint instability. If you constantly feel a loss of motion, pain while moving the joint, or feel a numbness or tingling feeling around the joint, you might have suffered a dislocation. If this is happening to you repeatedly, you might have joint instability. Our Brooklyn physical therapists will help you get your joints back in place by showing you what physical therapy treatment is right for you.

Sometimes, joint instability might require surgery. Madison Physical Therapy offers pre- and post-surgical care, to prepare you for surgery if necessary, and help you heal afterwards. To treat your joint instability, be sure to rest your joint as much as you can. Ice and heat therapy is always good, use a cold pack for the first couple of days, for 20 minutes at a time every couple of hours. Then switch to heat therapy for the next few days. Your physical therapist will show you what kind of exercises you can do to maintain a range of motion, to prevent the joints from becoming stiff.

At Madison Physical Therapy, our Brooklyn physical therapists will give you the treatment that is best for your joint instability problems. No matter the cause of your joint pain, we can help reduce your joint inflammation in order to promote proper healing.Our physical therapists can provide you the exercise techniques needed for your joints to re-stabilize them and get your joints back in shape.