Rotator Cuff Injury And Physical Therapy

Many people suffer from shoulder pain and if you do not take proper care of this pain, it can lead to something more serious. The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint. Whether the pain is mild or chronic, our physical therapist in Bay Ridge can help with the pain. Here at Madison Physical Therapy, we aim to treat you efficiently using the most effective treatment options.

Rotator Cuff Tea

A rotator cuff tear is common and occurs either from an accident or trauma or from overuse. The rotator cuff muscles connect the upper arm bone to the shoulder blade and keep it firmly stable into the shallow shoulder socket. Depending on how severe the tear, the rotator cuff tear can be categorized as either full thickness or partial thickness. Full thickness tears extend from the top of the bone to the bottom of the rotator cuff muscle, while partial-thickness tears involve at least some quantity of a rotator cuff muscle, however, it does not extend all the way.

A rotator cuff tear can either be categorized as acute or chronic. For acute tears, they are ones that occur often. They can occur often due to a trauma or a sudden fall. Chronic tears are ones that gradually worsen and develop. These are tears that occur often with repeated arm movements and overusing the muscles.

How Can Physical Therapy Help?

Exercise is very important during the treatment process of a rotator cuff tear. Our physical therapist in Bay Ridge can create an exercise plan in order to improve range of motion, muscle strength, as well as coordination. We also educate you on ways to change the physical activity to create less stress and pressure on the shoulder when completing daily activities.

Here at Madison Physical Therapy, or physical therapists in Bay Ridge care about your health and strive to return you to your regular activities, pain-free! Contact us today for more information on our treatments and services!