Joint Fusions

If you suffer from osteoarthritis pain and have been unable to find other effective treatments, your doctor might suggest joint fusion surgery. If you are considering undergoing joint fusion surgery, or have already done so, Madison Physical Therapy can help you with your post-surgical recovery.

Joint fusion surgery can be performed on many different joints, including the spine, ankle, wrists, hands, and feet. The orthopedic surgeon will scrape away the excess cartilage in the joint, to allow the bones to fuse, and then use metal plates or screws to hold the joints together. These will remain in your body even after your joint heals. Once your surgery is complete, post-surgical rehab is often your next step.

At Madison Physical Therapy, our physical therapists in Brooklyn will be there to help you to properly heal and restore mobility. Once you are cleared for outpatient physical therapy, you will want to schedule a physical therapy evaluation. At Madison Physical Therapy, we can help your recovery go by quicker by designing a personalized treatment plan based on your overall body condition. With our post-surgical services, our physical therapists can show you corrective exercises and manual therapies which can help.

We deal with all kinds of arthritis-related issues, as we understand that arthritis can be painful. If you suffer from arthritis and are looking for a physical therapist in Brooklyn to help, we may even help you avoid surgery in the first place. Our physical therapy sessions will help you regain mobility and increase the strength in your joints that will help to reduce your overall arthritis pain

At Madison Physical Therapy, our physical therapists in Brooklyn, are here to help you. Because it can take some time to heal, we advise you to take it slowly and be patient with your body; no matter what stage in the healing process you are at, our physical therapists can help you.