Physical Therapy for Total Joint Replacement

Have you recently undergone total joint replacement and are looking for physical therapy? Our >physical therapist in Bay Ridge can help you with your recovery process. We treat patients of all ages who are trying to get full range and motion back. We understand that the recovery process after this surgical procedure can be difficult, which is why our treatment approach can help you manage your pain and help you thrive.

Total Joint Replacement

Total joint replacement is a surgical technique where a surgeon removes damaged and arthritic joints and replace them with a metal or ceramic prosthesis. This device is intended to imitate the movement of a healthy joint. The most common replacement procedures are hip and knee replacements. Other common joint replacement surgeries include wrist, shoulder, elbow, and ankle.

Total joint replacement is recommended when joint pain becomes disabling and nonsurgical treatments do not relieve your pain. Joint pain is normally caused by damage to the cartilage either from arthritis, a fracture or other conditions.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapist in Bay Ridge area offers many services to help you get back to doing your normal everyday routines. Physical therapy helps patients restore their strength, range of motion, flexibility, and mobility. We provide you with the education you need to walk, climb stairs, and other daily activities. With total joint replacement, our physical therapists will help teach you corrective exercises to properly move the affected body part while managing the pain. Depending on the requirements of your day to day life, such as your job, we can teach you activity-specific training that is tailored to your job requirements.

If you are seeking physical therapy for total joint replacement, our physical therapist in Bay Ridge can help you!Contact us today for more information or to book an appointment.