Physical Therapy For Bunionectomies

What is a bunion?

A bunion is a bony bump that forms at the joint of a toe, typically the big toe. This bump can develop over time causing pain, discomfort, and sometimes issues with walking. Because of this, bunion surgery also known as a bunionectomy is used to remove the bunion and fix any bone misalignments. There are many ways a surgeon may perform this procedure. However, in nearly all cases, you will need to adjust the way you walk through the recovery process. At Madison Physical Therapy, a physical therapist in Brooklyn, we can help provide physical therapy for those looking to avoid bunion surgery as well as for those who need post-surgical rehabilitation.

Causes Of Bunions

There are many contributing factors that cause bunions to form. However, the definitive cause is unknown. Factors include:

  • Improper Footwear: Studies have shown that individuals in countries that regularly wear shoes are more prone to bunions. Tight-fitted shoes have especially been linked.

  • Genetics: Depending on your natural foot structure, bunions may be more likely to develop.
  • Injury: If you have suffered a foot injury, misalignments to the bone structure can also cause the formation of bunions.

Signs And Symptoms

There are many signs and symptoms associated with bunions including:

  • A visible bump on the side of the foot.
  • Red, swollen, and irritated skin around the bunion.
  • General pain when walking.

If you believe you have a bunion, visiting a physician to properly diagnose your condition should be your first step. Depending on the nature of your bunion, your physician may recommend lifestyle changes as well as various treatment options.


Treatment Options

There are several treatment options for bunions which will vary from person to person:

  • Physical therapy will help you improve your motioning in order to prevent bunion pain.
  • Rest and ice are important when dealing with intermittent bunion pain.
  • Custom orthotics can be fitted to the shape of your foot, reducing pain and discomfort.
  • Bunionectomies can be performed in order to remove the bunion and restructure the foot as needed. Post-surgical rehabilitation with a physical therapist in Brooklyn will be key to gaining safe and effective motioning back.

How Can Physical Therapy Help After A Bunionectomy?

The best time to start physical therapy is about three or four weeks after your surgery. A physical therapist in Brooklyn will work with you on a variety of exercises and modalities in order to help your newly structured foot adjust to your body weight.  Have you undergone bunion surgery recently? Contact Madison Physical Therapy in Sheepshead Bay and Bay Ridge to begin post-surgical rehabilitation today!