Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Do you sometimes feel a tingling sensation in your hand or wrist? If so, you might be suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. At Madison Physical Therapy, we can help you with a variety of techniques including hand and wrist exercises, modalities, and lifestyle modifications. Depending on the severity of your CTS, we can help you control your symptoms so that surgery is not needed in the future.

If you are contending with pain or discomfort in the hand and wrist intermittently, a physical therapist in Bay Ridge like us here at Madison Physical Therapy can evaluate your symptoms and provide a thorough treatment plan. Some of the most common symptoms include tingling, burning, or itchiness in your hand. This may be especially noticeable at night or during periods of rest. The more your carpal tunnel syndrome progresses, the more you will notice these symptoms. In some cases, your hands can lose some strength, making it more difficult to grip things.

Just as an early diagnosis is imperative, early intervention is key towards keeping CTS from escalating. There are many non-surgical remedies available for carpal tunnel syndrome that are less effective as the syndrome progresses. A physical therapist in Bay Ridge like ours at Madison Physical Therapy can evaluate the nature your CTS in order to provide a thorough treatment plan.

Treatment options include:

  • Ultrasound Therapy: Helps to break down any tissue build-up in the carpal tunnel.
  • Hand Exercises: Hand exercises will help to relax the hand, reducing compression of the nerves. Simple hand exercises may include “Spider push-ups” which involves putting your hands in prayer position, then separating the palms, keeping the fingers together. Also, shaking your hands out like you’ve just washed them helps prevent the median nerve from cramping.
  • Wrist Splint: Wearing a wrist splint while you sleep can help reduce numbness by providing needed support.

At Madison Physical Therapy, a physical therapist in Bay Ridge, we can help with any carpal tunnel syndrome-related problems you might have. Our alternative methods will provide a natural form of healing in addition to increased mobility. Contact us today!