How To Maintain Your Your Weight Through The Spring Sports Season

Exercise increases the rate at which the body burns calories, accelerates the muscles, burns fat, promotes body flexibility, and improves general health. During the off season of a sport, it may be difficult to maintain a healthy weight. Our physical therapy in Brooklyn at Madison Physical Therapy can help you maintain your physique if you’re injured and help properly train you for the start of spring sports.

Sometimes weight loss occurs in only some parts of the body depending on the sport an individual plays or exercises they typically do. Weight loss usually occurs in your entire body, although it may not necessarily happen evenly. Some women for example usually have trouble losing weight in areas like the leg, the stomach, and the arms and believe that there is one miracle exercise and diet out there that will help them reduce fat. However, a consistently nutritious diet and regular exercise can give them the results they want.

Working out and staying in shape when not in practice

Reduction in the number of calories you consume and exercising with the use of resistance training and cardiovascular exercises can help you stay in shape. Reduction in body fat and increase in muscle mass also have to be present to make a marked change. If you are an athlete and struggle to keep your weight down and muscles strong during your off-season, contact our physical therapist in Bay Ridge at Madison Physical Therapy to get a customized exercise program.

Exercise workouts and regimens are largely suitable for both genders, unless they are specialized in nature to suit particular requirements and environments. For example, it is obvious that trimming the body of extra fat and getting into shape is a common area of concern for both men and women. Everyone’s body type is different, which is why fitness experts advise that while we cannot alter body shapes to our liking, and the best option would be to find body-type specific workouts that help tone the body and achieve faster results.

Physical Therapy for Injuries

Improper training and overall health during the spring sports season may result in a sports-related injury. Physical therapy can provide pain relief and rehabilitation for these injuries; as well as develop a fitness regimen and diet plan to keep you in shape during the season. Visit Madison Physical Therapy to meet with our physical therapy in Brooklyn who can get you on the right track!