Treatment for Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy, a condition marked by spastic paralysis or what can be referred to as impaired muscle coordination, has its origin at birth or before birth. Cerebral palsy is a condition that can be treated through physical therapy. For patients to get the help they need, choosing a physical therapist who knows what they’re doing is extremely important. If you suffer from cerebral palsy or you know someone with this condition, you can get great physical therapy near Bay Ridge by visiting Madison Physical Therapy today.

Benefits of Physical Therapy in Treating Cerebral Palsy

Physical therapy can help keep movement problems from worsening over time and also improve the patients' motor skills. By keeping the affected person’s body both flexible and strong, future cases of joint dislocations and contractures can be avoided. Physical therapy will help improve the following:

  • Coordination
  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Pain management
  • Endurance
  • Gait
  • Posture
  • Overall Health

How often you visit physical therapy depends on the severity of your condition. In cases that are more severe, physical therapy will be used alongside medications and other forms of treatments. If you would like to enjoy the benefits we have already mentioned, you should visit Madison Physical Therapy today to enjoy awesome physical therapy near Bay Ridge.

What Does Physical Therapy Treatment Involve?

Physical therapy will be different for different people with cerebral palsy. Our physical therapist will need to look at how the patient moves in order to create a treatment plan that best suits them. For this reason, you need an understanding physical therapist at Madison Physical Therapy who offers physical therapy near Bay Ridge. The following are the things your physical therapist should include in the treatment plan:

  • Exercises: exercises are utilized in the treatment of either low or high muscle tone. Low muscle tone will result in too much flexibility which often leads to weakness. Having high muscle tone will cause spasticity and stiffness. For people with spastic cerebral palsy, massages and flexibility exercises are usually utilized. These exercises will help prevent muscle tightening which is often painful. The exercises will also improve mobility. To aid with posture, walking, sensory impairments such as balance and touch, and transitional movements, special exercises are incorporated in the treatment plan. For example, posture can be improved through exercises which emphasize kneeling, standing, and sitting.
  • Equipment: to make therapy more effective, your therapist will use some mobility aids. For example, to help with walking, joint mobility, and posture, your physical therapist may use casts, braces, shoe inserts, and splints.
  • Physical Therapy by Age: as we age, it’s important to know everyone at different stages in their lives need specific treatments, especially for children. The following are the most important stages:
    • Toddlers – for toddlers, therapy will focus on playtime. Playtime is important for children because they are in their early developmental stages experience and learn more through play.
    • Young Children – children who are roughly between ages 5 and 12 and have cerebral palsy may experience movement problems since they are growing. A physical therapist will ensure that the young children are growing in a way which is conducive to their body motor function.

If you’re interested in treating your cerebral palsy and finding the best treatment possible, physical therapy in Bay Ridge at Madison Physical Therapy is a great choice to make. Our professional and attentive staff can help you through your condition and make your life easier one step at a time. If you’d like to make an appointment, contact us today!