Staying Active This Summer!

Looking to stay active this summer? Take advantage of the longer days and warmer weather to get outside and stay active. Walking, swimming and biking are a few of the numerous activities and exercises that can be done to keep you staying fit and looking good for the upcoming summer months. Contact our physical therapy in Brooklyn to get the best care today!

Walking is an easy and recommended workout to try. A good walking goal would be to take 10,000 steps per day, which is roughly five miles depending on the strides you take. This may seem like a lot, but there are easy tips to help increase your steps. Some examples may be trying to park further from the store, using staircases, walking your pet more often, and gardening or doing yard work every day. A reasonable goal would be to add 500 steps to your day until you reach the count of 10,000 steps.

On a hot day, jump in the pool to get your workout in. Working out in the water will help you gain muscle, drop weight, and give your joints a break. You are able to get a resistance exercise that works for all your muscle groups while decreasing pressure on your skeletal system. Running in the water is a great cardio exercise that keeps you off a hard surface. You should do three rounds of 5-minute runs with the water level just below your neck. To add pressure on your calf muscles, you can do these exercises on the incline of the pool.

Biking is an excellent summer workout that can get you more active. Biking is an aerobic activity that is good for your heart, lungs, and overall fitness level. Biking will workout your upper legs, like your hamstrings and your glutes. If you are just starting to bike-ride, riding for 30 minutes and logging your distance is a great way to begin. Each time you ride, you want to increase the distance you travel within that 30 minute period. Once you get comfortable, try to expand your ride every time you get on the bike. If you want to ride three times a week, try to do one 30-minute ride, one 45-minute ride, and an hour long ride.

Jumping rope is an inexpensive and portable workout that you can do both outside and inside. Jumping rope can burn about 10 calories a minute and is a great exercise for the legs, arms, and shoulders.

When exercising in the summer heat, it is important to keep a few things in mind to keep you safe. When it gets hot and humid, your body sweats more, but humidity doesn’t allow the body to release heat at a consistent rate.

Staying hydrated and drinking water constantly throughout a workout. Also, the time when you exercise is very important, it is usually the hottest between 12-3 p.m. so try to avoid working out during these hours.

Working out with a partner is more efficient and fun, so find a workout buddy, or take the family with you when you exercise. Use apps to create friendly competition with your workout partners, it was found that people increase their workouts once they see their friend’s workout statistics.

If you have any questions on how exercises to keep you in shape for the summer, feel free to contact our physical therapy in Brooklyn at Madison Physical Therapy or stop by our office any time.