How We Can Treat Your Osteoporosis This Summer

Osteoporosis is a severe bone condition that affects millions of Americans every year. This disease reduces bone mass and significantly weakens the bones as well. Because of the reduction in bone mass, the bones become very brittle and easy to break. While anyone can develop osteoporosis, women and the elderly are especially at risk. Most people will not experience any symptoms of osteoporosis until after they break a bone. However, in some cases, they might experience early symptoms of a weak grip, brittle toenails and fingernails, and receding gums. For those looking for osteoporosis care in Brooklyn, Madison Physical Therapy can help.

If ignored and left unaddressed, osteoporosis will continue to worsen over time. Thankfully, there are many treatment options that patients can use for osteoporosis. Physical therapy can have a significant impact on rebuilding bone strength and developing healthier bones. Our physical therapy program can help you manage anyosteoporosis symptoms and allow you to regain a sense of normalcy.

Here are several components that will make up a physical therapy program for osteoporosis.

Determine Source: Before going through the rest of the treatment program, we will first determine what the source of your osteoporosis is. Genetics, family history, smoking, alcohol use, and a poor calcium diet are common causes of osteoporosis. Once the source is determined, we can develop a plan that will properly address it.

Strength and Flexibility: One primary aspect of our osteoporosis care in Brooklyn is to provide exercises that will build up bone endurance. These exercises are designed to increase strength and flexibility with both your bones and your muscles. These exercises will help prevent future bone fractures from occurring.

Posture and Balance: In addition to building up bone endurance, we can also outline exercises that will help with maintaining balance and with using correct posture. Being fully balanced will prevent falls that could cause bone fractures. Using the correct posture with daily activities will keep unnecessary pressure off of your back and the rest of your weight bearing bones.

Diet: One cause of osteoporosis is a lack of calcium and vitamin D in a person’s diet. We can detail several tips on how to increase bone strength and health through dietary changes. We will also stress the importance of avoiding alcohol and tobacco.

If you are looking for osteoporosis care in Brooklyn, contact Madison Physical Therapy today!