Recovering from UCL Tears this Baseball Season

Although it is not as physical as sports such as football and hockey, baseball players are still at risk for developing a wide variety of different injuries. From knee injuries to rotator cuff tears, baseball players need to be wary of the damage that this sport can have on their bodies. Many great baseball players have had their careers ended prematurely due to a catastrophic injury. One common baseball injury that can have devastating effects on the body includes UCL tears.  If you find yourself in this position, seeking ulnar collateral ligament, or UCL, is a ligament located in the elbow. The UCL connects your upper arm to the forearm and provides crucial support and stability. A tear occurs when the UCL ligament stretches too far to the point that it can no longer support the bones in the arm. Repetitive actions over long periods of time are the primary source of UCL tears. Regarding baseball, UCL tears tend to be caused by throwing the ball. Due to the demands of the position, pitchers are the most likely to experience a UCL tear. Symptoms of a UCL tear include bruising, swelling, pain, reduced mobility, and a lack of arm strength.

Treatments for UCL tears

Physical Therapy: After suffering a UCL tear, you will choose between several treatment options. These options will have varying positives and negatives. One possible treatment for a UCL tear includes using a physical therapy program. Choosing to do physical therapy near Bay Ridge can help you recover from a UCL tear. At Madison Physical Therapy, we can create a physical therapy program that will fit your personal needs. These programs are designed to build muscle strength and increase endurance within the arm. It will also help with regaining full mobility of the affected area.

After-Surgery Rehabilitation: Although usually used as a last resort, some baseball players are forced to undergo surgery to reconstruct the tendon. This procedure is known as Tommy-John surgery, and it essentially replaces the UCL with another tendon. In the weeks following the procedure, rehabilitation is often used to maximize its effectiveness. For many baseball players, especially pitchers, utilizing physical therapy after Tommy-John surgery is a major step to regaining former arm strength.

In the aftermath of a UCL tear, physical therapy and rehabilitation are important steps in the healing process. Here at Madison Physical Therapy, we can provide physical therapy near Bay Ridge to help with your recovery. In addition to UCL tears, we can also treat a wide range of otherinjuries and conditions related to the sport of baseball.

If you are a baseball player looking for physical therapy near Bay Ridge, you can set up an appointment with us here.