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Recovery for a Laminectomy

A laminectomy, also known as open decompression surgery, is a common procedure that often has a lengthy and challenging recovery period. The primary objective of a laminectomy is to create more space for the spine by removing the lamina, or bone plates that form the back of each spinal vertebrae, from the spinal column. By […]

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How Physical Therapy Can Treat Your Postural Issues

Do you spend most of the day hunched over a desk or computer? Are you experiencing pain in your back, shoulders, or neck? You might be experiencing the effects of poor posture. Having correct posture will prevent injuries and allow our bodies to function the way that they should. Improper posture will gradually degrade our […]

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Torn Rotator Cuffs and How to Recover

What is a rotator cuff? A torn rotator cuff is a very common injury, especially among adults. Our physical therapy near Bay Ridge has the tools you need to fully recover. Before learning about an injury, it is important to understand the part of the body itself. Your shoulder is made up of three bones: […]

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