How Physical Therapy Can Treat Your Postural Issues

Do you spend most of the day hunched over a desk or computer? Are you experiencing pain in your back, shoulders, or neck? You might be experiencing the effects of poor posture. Having correct posture will prevent injuries and allow our bodies to function the way that they should. Improper posture will gradually degrade our bodies over time and eventually lead to severe injuries. Thankfully, Madison Physical Therapy and our physical therapy near Dyker Heights can treat postural issues and prevent these injuries from happening later on in life.

Posture injuries/issues

Bad posture can negatively affect the body in many ways, and can eventually lead to future health issues as we age. Some common injuries and conditions that are caused by bad posture include the >following:

  • Back pain
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Lack of balance
  • Muscle strains
  • >Reduced physical endurance

How physical therapy can help treat postural issues

Correcting your posture is a challenge that will take a lot of time and effort. However, you should not ignore bad posture. The side effects will only intensify as you age. Our team at Madison Physical Therapy can treat postural issues before they cause further complications. Here is how physical therapy near Dyker Heights can help with your posture:

Determine what is wrong: Before we can treat the issue, we need to determine what is going wrong. We will perform several tests that indicate what you are doing wrong with your posture. We will then provide you with a solution to correct your posture and have you feeling better.

Provide prevention tips: One of the primary ways that we can help you with poor posture is through posture tips that you can use on a daily basis. These tips will help prevent unnecessary stress and pressure from straining your spine. We can also educate you on how to stand, sit, lie down, and lift in a way that will prevent future injuries.

Lifestyle changes: We will outline some changes you can make in your daily routine that will help with correcting postural issues. These lifestyle changes range from limiting your time sitting down, to more general changes such as losing weight.

Exercises: In addition to lifestyle changes, there are also several exercises that we can teach you that will help with postural issues. These exercises will help build up and strengthen muscles that have been weakened by poor posture.

Do you want to correct your posture before it leads to an injury? Are you looking for physical therapy near Dykers Heights? Set up an appointment with us today!