Recovery for a Laminectomy

A laminectomy, also known as open decompression surgery, is a common procedure that often has a lengthy and challenging recovery period. The primary objective of a laminectomy is to create more space for the spine by removing the lamina, or bone plates that form the back of each spinal vertebrae, from the spinal column. By creating more space, there is less pressure put on the spine. In severe cases, this pressure can eventually damage the spinal nerves. Thankfully, Madison Physical Therapy is here to help you through this process. Our physical therapy in Brooklyn will allow your spine to heal correctly and help you return to a state of normalcy.

What does the procedure entail?

The entire laminectomy procedure will usually take 1-3 hours and will require anesthesia. You will also be put on a ventilator to help you breathe. Before the procedure begins, you will be lying down on your stomach on top of an operating table. Your surgeon will then proceed to make an incision near the affected area and remove the specific lamina. You will be monitored in a recovery room after the procedure is complete to make sure there are no dangerous side effects. Most people will spend 24 hours in the hospital after laminectomy.

Unfortunately, this is only the beginning of your recovery. In the aftermath of a laminectomy, rehabilitation and physical therapy are usually needed to help your spine fully recover.

How Can Physical Therapy help?

Pain relief: One of the initial goals of physical therapy after a laminectomy is pain relief. Physical therapy techniques, such as massage therapy and electrical stimulation, can be used to alleviate discomfort and eliminate muscle spasms. Physical therapy is also a safer and more efficient way to manage pain when compared to pain medication.

Quicker recovery: Another way physical therapy can help after a laminectomy is by substantially increasing the speed of your recovery. Your physical therapist can utilize several techniques that will naturally stimulate the body’s healing process. At the same time, Madison Physical Therapy will make sure your spine heals correctly and efficiently.

A final way that physical therapy in Brooklyn can help is through the use of unique exercises. Our physical therapist can teach you several exercises that will strengthen your back and your spine. They can also develop an exercise program that is specifically designed to meet your personal and physical needs.

Have you recently gone through a laminectomy? Are you looking for physical therapy in Brooklyn to help with your recovery? You can set up an appointment with us here.