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Treatment for Scoliosis

Do you think your child is showing signs of scoliosis?  Here at Madison Physical Therapy, our team of professionals will tell you what your next course of action should be. Our physical therapy in Brooklyn, NY can help manage any scoliosis symptoms before they grow worse. What is it? Scoliosis is a condition that causes […]

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What To Do About Shoulder Bursitis?

Are you suffering from swelling and redness between your arm and the tip of your shoulder? You might be experiencing shoulder bursitis. Bursitis is a painful condition that is usually caused from overuse or a former shoulder injury. If you are suffering from shoulder bursitis, our physical therapy near Dyker Heights can help you. Here […]

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What Are Nerve Entrapments

What Are Nerve Entrapments? Nerve entrapments, sometimes called nerve compressions, can make daily life difficult for patients. It can severely affect nerves in the extremities, limbs, and torsos.  While this condition can be excruciating, it does not have to be permanent. At Madison Physical Therapy, we offerphysical therapy in Brooklyn that can help treat your […]

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