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Benefits of Physical Therapy Pre and Post-Operation

The role of physical therapy is not only important during postoperative rehabilitation but also before the procedure. If you are seeking physical therapy in Brooklyn, Madison Physical Therapy can provide you with the tools you need to help you during your pre and post-operative period. Physical therapy has been shown to benefit patients undergoing a […]

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Treatment for a Torn Miniscus

Each knee has two menisci, which act as cushions for shinbone and thigh bone, and they help prevent the bones from wear and tear. A torn meniscus, one of the most common knee injuries, can be caused by any activity which has you forcefully twist or rotate your knee, especially when the entirety of your […]

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How Physical Therapy Can Help Treat Your Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is often triggered by everyday activities including prolonged sitting or standing, sudden movement, and overuse or stretching of the back muscles. Back sprains and strains are the most common cause of lower lumbar pain. They occur when the ligaments in the back holding the bones together are torn from their attachments and […]

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