Benefits of Physical Therapy Pre and Post-Operation

The role of physical therapy is not only important during postoperative rehabilitation but also before the procedure. If you are seeking physical therapy in Brooklyn, Madison Physical Therapy can provide you with the tools you need to help you during your pre and post-operative period. Physical therapy has been shown to benefit patients undergoing a procedure in a number of ways.

How Physical Therapy Can Help You Pre-Op

  • Physical therapists work with you on range of motion techniques to maximize mobility before and after the surgery.
  • Wespecialize in balance, coordination, and posture training to help you during the pre-operative period.
  • Our physical therapy can help you gain confidence and mental preparedness for the surgery.

A recent study revealed that pre-operative physical therapy reduced post-operative care by as much as 29 percent in patients who have had total knee or total hip replacement surgery.  A pre-operative consultation and physical exam with our physical therapist will consist of baseline measurements range of motion, strength, and flexibility. This will help determine realistic expectations after surgery. The three distinct ways physical therapy can help you is through preparation, strengthening, and education. We can teach you any assistive device you may use prior to or after surgery, including a cane, walker or sling.  It is important that the muscles involved in your surgery are going to be temporarily insulted, and it is advantageous to strengthen these areas beforehand.

In addition to a pre-op evaluation, Madison Physical Therapy offers services that can help you with your post-operative rehabilitation as well.

How Physical Therapy Can Help You Post-Op

  • Provides pain reduction techniques to help decrease inflammation and improve the recovery process.
  • Improves flexibility to help resume daily activities.
  • Minimizes scar tissue, restores strength, and emphasizes balance techniques to help you get the most out of your surgical recovery process.

No matter what your surgical history is, we are here to help you make a healthy recovery.  Madison Physical Therapy specializes inpre and post-surgical careto help your body restore its function. We offer physical therapy in Brooklyn and are ready to help you! Please, contact us today to make your appointment!