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Recovery from a Discectomy

The spinal discs located within your back serve an essential purpose as they act as round cushions that absorb shock and pressure. These discs protect the neural cord and surrounding nerves and are composed of a jelly-like substance that helps to decrease friction and allow your spine to be more flexible. When the disc ruptures […]

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Physical Therapy for Your Balance Disorder

At some point in our lives, we have all been struck with the feeling of becoming unsteady, uncoordinated, or dizzy. Some individuals are hit with this feeling every day as they cope with balance disorders. >Balance disorders can be caused by a variety of factors, such as head injuries, migraines, and motion sickness. There are […]

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Get Ready for Baseball Season!

As spring approaches, that means baseball season is starting to begin. Whether it’s improving your swing or working on your curveball, taking the time to prepare and train for your sport is crucial. Without proper exercise and preparation, not only will your game suffer, but you may be at risk of getting a future injury […]

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