Get Ready for Baseball Season!

As spring approaches, that means baseball season is starting to begin. Whether it’s improving your swing or working on your curveball, taking the time to prepare and train for your sport is crucial. Without proper exercise and preparation, not only will your game suffer, but you may be at risk of getting a future injury as well. At Madison Physical Therapy, we can rehabilitate you from any ailment you may be suffering from, and we can show you how to avoid future injuries in the future. The following are some drills you can implement before the season:

  • Utilizing batting tees: having proper batting mechanics and technique all depends on constant practice and muscle memory. With a batting tee, you can concentrate on making sure your swing is as concise and efficient as possible.
  • Sprints: baseball requires a lot of running. From hustling to first base after hitting a ground ball or running to catch a pop-fly, making sure you’re able to make a play as quickly as possible can make the difference in a game. A good way to work on your running is to mark a distance a length of 90 feet, which is the distance between the bases on a standard baseball field. After marking the designated area, sprint between the two points and keep track of your time. As you continue to sprint, your time will steadily improve.
  • Fielding practice: the best offense is a great defense. Taking the time to improve your reaction-time can improve your game and help your team get the outs it needs. I simple way to work on your fielding is throwing a ball at a hard wall and attempt to make a clean catch/snag at all costs. While it may sound simple, your reaction time will only get better as a result.
  • Yoga: this may sound a bit out of “left field,” but yoga is a commonly-used exercise for many professional baseball players, like Giancarlo Stanton of the New York Yankees. Yoga is an excellent way to improve stamina, flexibility, and strength. Aside from strengthening your core and abdominals, yoga can also be used as a way to improve mental focus, which is important for baseball players.

Improving your game this baseball season starts with just one exercise. Taking time to get better can make the difference between your team winning or losing. At Madison Physical Therapy, we’re proud to rehabilitate any baseball-related injuries you may have gotten. We’re devoted to getting you back on the field and getting you back to the game you love! Contact us today to start your treatment!