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"They are great very friendly always ask how I’m doing they work with the scheduling great. They comfort you in every way. Love the charisma and energy of everyone in there the therapist him self is very nice and friendly and comforting as well love coming into a great environment it’s very joyful to come in and get my Exercises done "
Feb 06, 2020

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  • "I was recommended for neck surgery 6 years ago. Edgar is great at keeping me out of it. Thanks, Madison!"

    - Vivian. S.

    "Jonathan is a lifesaver! I had a car accident a few weeks back and suffered from whiplash that affected my back and neck horribly. I received some recommendations about Jonathan, so I decided to set an appointment. Jonathan was very professional and nice. I left the clinic with the ability to walk without crying from pain. I recommend this place with all of my heart, and I want to thank Jonathan, Angela & Lisa for relieving my pain in such a significant way."

    - K.V.

    "After many months of debilitating back and sciatic pain, I finally had back surgery and post-op physical therapy from Madison Physical Therapy of Sheepshead Bay. Everyone was very helpful to me, but I was terrified that I would injure myself and go back to square one. Shiri-Lee was patient and understanding. She got me to find an even rhythm, not too much, but not too little. Through her, I learned to trust my body more and push myself just enough. Now, six months later, I'm in great shape and ready to enter the next phase of my new healthy life. I am so grateful for the care she gave me. This is a great place for Physical Therapy. The best I've ever had!"

    - Georgina P.

    "I was very fortunate to come to Dr. Amir's office in Sheepshead Bay because when I began I was very different from when I finished. With Mark, the physical therapy was excellent and he followed up on every detail about my condition. Then I finished and I moved to the MOG program with Chelsea, a very excellent lady in practice for my posture balance and strength. She gave me my strength and useful ways to go on with my life in the best way. Thank you Brooklyn MOG!"

    - Phillip H.

    "Mark has kept me running strong for the past several years. He helped me come back from an I.T. band issue in an intelligent way and I've been injury-free ever since. I can't say enough about the personal attention and real concern that he showed."

    - Roger M.

    "I've been in PT a few times before and these guys at Madison in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn are the best! My very first call to Madison Physical Therapy was answered by a real person. Unlike the first few other places I had called, Kelly was personable, professional and competent. She answered all my questions, took my information and made a timely appointment. A few days later I hobbled in on crutches, with a leg that had been shattered then screwed and spiked back together. The care and attention I received from Shiri, the Clinical Director, and all the staff, was truly amazing.

    Shiri not only took the time to read all my medical records, she also contact my doctors to gather specifics on how best to proceed with my care. She even researched the complexities of my particular case to be sure her approach was correct. I've been in treatment at Madison for almost two months now and my progress has been remarkable. Range of motion, strength, and mobility are better than I or my doctor ever expected. I even did a 3 mile hike recently! Madison Physical Therapy of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn is not only a clean, comfortable, and well-equipped facility, it's staff goes the extra mile to be sure their patients receive the best care possible."

    - Frank F.
  • "I have had the need for much physical therapy in the past and Madison is the most comfortable, clean, and friendly facility I have experienced. In addition to the caring and skilled therapists, the front desk is wonderful. They are always helpful and extremely accommodating. Thank you Madison Physical Therapy of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn!”

    - Alice H.

    "I felt hopeless before starting The Brooklyn M.O.G. program in Bay Ridge. I knew I couldn't go to a regular gym because of how much pain I had in my knees. The Brooklyn M.O.G. for me is like there is light at the end of the tunnel and now I have hope for feeling and looking better. When I use the AlterG Anti Gravity Treadmill there, it enables me to move without any pain, which I didn't think was possible. Overall I feel better and people are noticing I am walking better. I feel more flexible and have lost weight already. I feel like this is the answer to my prayers."

    - Louise W.

    "I have to start out by saying that I am no stranger to physical therapy. I have been to many physical therapy places and when I moved to Bay Ridge Brooklyn and found this facility, I felt my prayers had been answered. This is a very special place. Everyone who works here is wonderful. You never feel rushed or feel like you are in a factory-like environment. The therapists are great – they really supervise you and make sure that you do what you are supposed to in order to get better. It is very personalized and friendly and supportive."

    - Helen H.

    "Jonathan treated my teenage son for a severe ankle sprain that happened while playing football. He showed great care and concern and was extremely thorough in his evaluation. He was able to massage away some of the swelling and showed him gentle exercises to do at home to maintain his motion. My son went on the Alter- G machine and on the attached video screen was able to watch himself walk and correct his gait. He was thrilled to be able to walk pretty normally on it and maintain his conditioning while he was healing."

    - Ann A.

    "Osama is great, his hands are MAGIC! I've noticed a big difference in my pain reduction, and an increase in my mobility after seeing him."

    - Harriette K.

    "Jonathan did something for me that no therapist has ever done. And every time I left the treatment I felt so much better and younger and I will be forever thankful."

    - Felix P.

    "When I walk in, I find the atmosphere to be extremely pleasant from the office staff to the therapists. The quality of care that I get could not be better anywhere else. The therapists are very nice and very dedicated to their profession. As a result, I am making much progress."

    - Eileen Z.

Testimonials from Physicians

"Madison is one of the highest quality physical therapy centers in New York, with attentive, well-trained physical therapists. I have sent thousands of patients over the years and will continue to do so.”

- Alexander L., MD, Physiatrist
Spine Institute, Beth Israel Medical Center

"All of the patients we have sent for rehab at Madison have done extremely well. The physical therapists are excellent at maximizing function – particularly in my post-operative patients and are readily available to discuss patient progress."

- Henry M. T., MD FACOS, Orthopedic Surgeon

"To Whom It May Concern: I just wanted to write a short note on behalf of our mutual patient, Igor. He Took time today to really highlight the positive nature and effects of the physical therapy care he received with you. He mentioned the one-on-one therapy and found it very helpful in terms of his recovery from his right total hip arthroplasty. I just wanted to thank you for helping him. He is very pleased."

- Dr. William J. L., Insall Scott Kelly Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine