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How Physical Therapy Can Help Treat Your Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is often triggered by everyday activities including prolonged sitting or standing, sudden movement, and overuse or stretching of the back muscles. Back sprains and strains are the most common cause of lower lumbar pain. They occur when the ligaments in the back holding the bones together are torn from their attachments and […]

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What To Do About Shoulder Bursitis?

Are you suffering from swelling and redness between your arm and the tip of your shoulder? You might be experiencing shoulder bursitis. Bursitis is a painful condition that is usually caused from overuse or a former shoulder injury. If you are suffering from shoulder bursitis, our physical therapy near Dyker Heights can help you. Here […]

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How Physical Therapy Can Treat Your Postural Issues

Do you spend most of the day hunched over a desk or computer? Are you experiencing pain in your back, shoulders, or neck? You might be experiencing the effects of poor posture. Having correct posture will prevent injuries and allow our bodies to function the way that they should. Improper posture will gradually degrade our […]

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